३ बैशाख २०८१, सोमबार

Saamana Artist’s Review: The campaign blasted parliamentarianism


Kapilvastu / Nepal Communist Party-affiliated Saamana artists, while periodically reviewing their 33-day long campaign, concluded that the campaign was successful in creating a mass wave in favor of scientific socialism and the destruction of parliamentarianism, which is the source of the country’s current crisis. The review meeting held today at the office of the Communist Party of Nepal in Kapilvastu came to this conclusion.

Saman artists are conducting mass music campaign for scientific socialism to convey the construction, development and agenda of Nepal Communist Party to the people through songs and art.

According to the central coordinator of Samana artists, Aroh C, during the last campaign, 33 formal cultural programs have been completed in 16 districts of the west, and after the founding day of CPN on 9th Baisakh in Kathmandu, Samana artists have decided to start a mass music campaign in the eastern region of the country.

In the review meeting of the campaign with the participation of 18 artists, Biplav, General Secretary of the Nepal Communist Party, thanked the artist team saying that the Saman artist is an important part of the unified revolution and that the Saman artist has a high contribution to bring the ideas and programs of the party to the people. Department member Prayas C participated and Aroh C presided.

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