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National Unity Inevitable Against Imperialist Intervention: prakanda


Kathmandu. Spokesperson of Nepal Communist Party, Prakanda c, has said that national unity is necessary against the bare interference of the imperialists on the country and the people. Spokesperson Prakanda C said this in a conversation with Janata Television on Thursday.

Spokesperson Prakand C said that the country and the people have now reached a complicated and crisis situation in history and said that there is no alternative for the nationalist parties and leaders including the leftist, progressive and true democrats to unite to free the country and the people from imperialist interference. For this reason, he said, the Communist Party of Nepal has advanced discussions with political parties and leaders including the nine Maoist-affiliated political parties, including the Nepali Congress and the UML.

Spokesman Prakand said that although the 10-year people’s war and the 19-day people’s movement ended feudalism, the people’s system could not replace it. He said that due to the leader who led the 10-year people’s war, feudalism has reawakened in the form of a federal democratic republic and said that he has been struggling against it since 065/066.

During the interview, Prakanda C mentioned that the revolution is a radical change and said that the revolution in Nepal is not over. He said – “Revolution is radical change.” It is to end the bad situation and establish the system that the country and the people want, which has not happened yet. ‘

Spokesman Prakand C said that the system desired by the Nepali people cannot be established without ending feudalism and emphasized that there is no problem in fighting for it all together. He also expressed his determination that the party has been continuously struggling for this since the past and now by the power of the people, they will abolish the parliamentary system and bring scientific socialism

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