२३ मंसिर २०८०, शनिबार

unified revolution is a new dimension of Marxism: prakanda c


Kathmandu/ Nepal Communist Party Standing Committee Member and Party Spokesperson Prakanda C has said that the unified revolution going forward under the leadership of Nepal Communist Party is a new experiment and a new dimension of Marxism, Leninism and Maoism based on Nepali originality and characteristics. Spokesman Prakand said this while speaking at a program organized at Prajna Bhavan in Kamaladi, Kathmandu, regarding the 134th International Workers’ Day.

During the speech, Prakanda said, “When the unified revolution is being used in the concrete situation of the Nepalese revolution, on the one hand, new possibilities and crises are emerging, the solution and the people’s desire for liberation is in the people.” It is a historical necessity to pay attention to polarize and integrate the revolutionaries and communists of Nepal. The last link and initiative of that historical responsibility is the unity between the communist parties.

On Monday, the unity program between CPN and Shramik Janata Party was chaired by General Secretary Biplav, while CPN Standing Committee members Bisham, Anil C, Shilu C, Bharat C and other leaders participated.

Jeevant of Shramik Janata Party expressed his opinion in the unity declaration meeting, while Sushil, a member of the Standing Committee, gave his welcome speech and expressed the opinion that the united revolution would be won by struggling against the two tendencies of the communist movement: parliamentarism and exclusionism.

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