३ बैशाख २०८१, सोमबार

Meeting between CPN General Secretary Biplav and Resham Chaudhary

Agreeing to cooperate on a common issue


Kathmandu / Nepal Communist Party General Secretary Biplav and Civil Liberation Party leader Resham Chaudhary have met. To understand the health condition of Chaudhary, who has been in prison for the past 6 years, and to talk about the current political situation in the country, General Secretary Biplav met Chaudhary who is in Dillibazar jail.

During the meeting held on Tuesday, the leader of Civil Liberation Party Chaudhary said that the state has done injustice to him, the country is falling into crisis due to the wrong trend of the political parties in power and now the Nepalese people are looking for an alternative to the ruling political parties.

General Secretary Biplav said that the CPN is of the view that the arrest of Choudhary by the state is illegal and the Nepal Communist Party will take initiatives for his release.

During the meeting, the Secretariat of General Secretary Biplav confirmed that there was an agreement between Nepal Communist Party and Civil Liberation Party to cooperate on common and compatible issues.

During the meeting, CPN Standing Committee member and Publicity Department in-charge Anil C, central members Darshan C and Adig C were also present.

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