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The Concept of C Caste First Steps After Guru Nanak and Buddha: Former Ambassador Bishwakarma


Kathmandu / Former Nepali ambassador to South Africa and food security expert Dr. Nirmal Kumar Bishwakarma has commented that the concept of C caste as a solution to the social and cultural problems caused by the Hindu Brahmin caste system is the first step after Guru Nanak and Gautama Buddha.

Former ambassador Bishwakarma made this comment while giving a speech on the concept of C caste held at Prajna Bhavan in Kamaladi, Kathmandu on Tuesday.

Workers’ Community Front, he said that today is a day which is an important beginning in the history of the last 4/5 thousand years of human civilization, such a beginning was made by Guru Nanak and Buddha in history, but now the main leadership and political leaders of the Nepal Communist Party. It has started from the level, I thank the CPN for that, it took 1100 years to establish the caste system in South Asia And he said that in South Asia, the caste system did not divide the caste by the division of labor.

Due to the caste system in Nepal, when all castes and communities, including Dalits, are divided, suffering and in trouble, after the Nepal Communist Party passed the concept of caste system as a new civilization and the end of the caste system through the class struggle, there are various discussions, reactions and curiosity about this.

Dr. Nirmal Kumar Bishwakarmal said that the analysis done by intellectuals including the communists of Nepal on the subject of class and caste is more superficial than the social reality and that there is no caste liberation without caste liberation.

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