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C jati means revolution, exit, new beginning and civilization: Biplov


Kathmandu / General Secretary of Nepal Communist Party Biplav C has said that the concept of caste presented by Nepal Communist Party is a revolution, exit, new beginning and a campaign to build an advanced civilization to solve the existing caste system in Nepali society.
General Secretary Biplav said this while speaking as a keynote speaker in the discussion on the concept of caste held at Prajna Bhavan in Kamaladi, Kathmandu on Tuesday.

Addressing the Bichar Gosti organized by Shramik Community Morcha Nepal, General Secretary Biplav said – India’s last 4,000 years of history is a history of caste struggles, here the history remains incomplete only by talking about the history of caste struggles

This issue is not our only concern, it is the issue of all conscious individuals, the state and ultimately the society, we have only just begun” he said -” The issue of caste is a man-made problem, the matter of four castes and thirty-six castes in Hindu society was born by the government, like all things in society. Just as death after birth is inevitable, this caste system is certain to end.”

Nepal Communist Party quoting the main context of bringing forward the concept of caste through the Ninth Congress – “No knowledge is born accidentally, its basis is the things and society around us. Therefore, the society and situation of Nepal inspired us to think in a new way, the success experienced during the revolution and movement and The experience of failure, revolution and counter-revolution has shaken us, so we have brought the issue of caste as a new civilization to solve the problem – he added.

During the speech, the communists sang that there will be an international race of people, but they could not create it, so we talked about the C race before awareness, in the construction of any civilization, a big price has to be paid, in the construction of the C civilization, we have made some assumptions about birth, death and marriage, but according to this, we have to make an economic point of view. He also said that it is necessary.

General Secretary Biplav pointed out that there are different viewpoints and beliefs about solving the existing caste system in Nepal and the identity movement that has been going on in the past recently. He asserted that caste liberation is not possible even through pujaist unionism and its sustainable and progressive solution is possible only through socialist unionism.

CPN Standing Committee member Santosh C, former ambassador Dr. Nirmal Biswakarma, Dr. Khagendra Prasai, writers and analysts Tulanarayan Shah, Kamala Hemcuri, associate professor Abdul Khan, associate professor Dr. Shyamu Thapa Magar commented on the concept paper. Bikram C delivered the welcome speech and Nishan C conducted the program, while Ramlal C, president of Shramik Community Morcha Nepal presided over and presented the concept paper.

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